A Great List with Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

Students all around the world write essays since their early grades. As they grow up, they are introduced with certain types and forms of essays. The basic purpose is to improve the creativity of the students and help them understand importance of certain things through research. Compare and contrast essays are known as comparison essays. In this type of essay, a student needs to compare two different industries, products, approaches, or ideologies. Similarly, they can also compare two different sides of the same story. These essays serve to show the relativity different aspects.

Topics for compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essays can be academic, funny, sarcastic and even based on historic events and religions. If your teacher gives you specific instructions about your topic then you must take notes and write them down so that you can easily choose a topic that she will approve of. However, if your teacher is open to ideas, you can choose any topic that you like and write an essay about it. You need to be careful with the humorous topics though because it needs smart thinking and usually students make the mistake of over doing it. Only choose a fun topic if you can handle it well.

Here are a few comparison essay topics for you

  • Steve jobs VS Bill Gates
  • The drawbacks and advantages of the I phone
  • The differences and similarities between Baroque Art and Renaissance Arts
  • Are dogs a better pet than cats or vice versa
  • Compare chemistry and zoology for a high school student
  • The similarities and differences between American law system and the Britain
  • Are fruits healthier than vegetables?
  • Is breakfast more important than lunch or dinner?
  • Is democracy a wise system or dictatorship?
  • Compare the jazz and classical music in the pop culture
  • Are digital wallets a good replacement for the paper money?

If you look at these topics, you will see that you can compare different personalities, brands, products, companies, ideologies, way of living, governments, laws, and regulations, criminal acts, behaviors, races, colors, choices, foods and anything in this world. Now it is upon you to choose a certain area and discuss the possible topics you can get out of it. Compare and contrast essays are quite easy and you can easily come up with a topic for it.