How To Start A Research Paper

Bazinga! The best way to write a research paper is with an eye-catching first remark. Although, it important to make your first sentence interesting it is also a good idea to make sure that the first sentence is a good introduction to the rest of the paper. In this case, maybe Bazinga wasn’t the best way to go- but it got your attention so let us proceed:

Different Methods of Introducing Your Paper

When you sit down to write, don’t worry to much about your first sentence. The reason that I say this is because; a good clincher usually ties into the rest of the written content. You may come up with something unique and clever once you have written the body paragraph of your assignment. Once you’ve completed your first draft go back and try to come up with a unique way to introduce the composition, you will likely find that it is easier to do in retrospect.

Humor and Questions

Many people choose to begin a paper with a unique question for example; Did you ever wonder why the sky is blue? Can you imagine a world where pigs can fly? What would you do for a Klondike bar? These rhetorical remarks engage the reader and make them curious about what the research topic could possibly be. Finding a way to summarize your paper with a witty question is a great way to add humor and narrative to an otherwise dry composition. You should always look for ways to make your writing more appealing to an audience by instilling some tone of voice and personality into it.

Formal Introduction

If curious questions aren’t your style you may want to adopt a more formal approach to starting your research paper. Introducing yourself and the subject matter is also an appropriate way to begin.

Although this is not the most unique way to get attention (unless you are famous) a leading introduction is a completely acceptable way to jump right in.

Fact, Figures, and Statistics

Enticing articles, are often began with a unique fact, interesting tidbit of information or a numerical statistic relevant to the written content being discuss. This is just one more way to get people interested in what you have to say and grabbing the attention of potential readers.

A great research paper should also be an interesting read, think of your poor instructor buried under boring and dry research compositions!