Academic Writing Solutions: What Is A Good Research Paper

When you write an academic paper, you need to be very careful with the topic that you chose and the language that you use. In general, the subject needs to be very clear, and you have to provide very accurate information and data. Also, the language that you use needs to be suitable for the topic, and you will avoid any colloquial expression. A research paper gives you to freedom to analyze a topic that you already know, but it needs to be something interesting and engaging for your classmates if you aim for the maximum grade. Here are several topics that can help you:

  • Alternative energy sources. This is perfect if you are taking a physics or science course, and you are passionate about new technologies. Present the latest inventions and how could this be beneficial for our planet in the next years.
  • Creating the genetic profile. If you are interested in what disease you could have, what is your genetic print or if your kids will be healthy, you can make a set of analysis and get your genetic profile. It will be a really interesting presentation for your professor.
  • Should we eat meat or be vegan? There are so many different opinions on this topic that it will be difficult for you to choose only a few studies to quote in your paper. Express your opinion and support it with scientific evidence.
  • The usage of marijuana. Many countries legalized the consumption of marijuana because apparently, it is not damaging to the brain, and it presents considerably fewer risks than alcohol and tobacco. Quote, some important studies in your paper.
  • School uniforms. The best schools in the world usually impose uniforms to the students, but there are people who think that in this way the pupil can’t express his individuality. What do you think and why?
  • Organ sale. Many people seem to agree with organ donation, but not with organ sale. On the other hand, this could be a solution to stop the illegal traffic and to provide a better quality of life to many sick people. What is your opinion?
  • Social anxiety. So many young people nowadays feel shy in public situations, that the anxiety is considered something almost normal. Only a few people recognize it as what it really is: a disease that needs professional help. What are the major symptoms of this?