How to Write an APA Format Research Paper: Crucial Things to Remember

Research papers would be enjoyable for students if they did not have to worry about formatting. Unfortunately, the world does not work this way, so students have be sure to give credit where credit is due and they have to structure their research papers exactly the way that the formatting style dictates. No matter how much students dislike writing research papers, they do get easier with practice. Once you learn how to use one research style, you will most likely develop some comfort using the other styles. When you use the APA style, there are a few crucial things to remember.

Record your sources. When it comes to any research paper and any style, you must keep good records of the sources you use. There are plenty of free apps that will let you open an account and save the URLs of the websites and journals that you use. When you do not keep an accurate record of your sources, you will spend an extensive amount of time trying to find the again.

Keep a record of the information you gather. Not only is it important to keep the sources organized, but you also need to keep the information you gather with the source. While the free apps let you keep track of your sources, they do not do much for the information you use. Many students will number their sources and then assign that number to the information. If you have page numbers, be sure to include those with the information, too.

Follow the page formatting. APA style has a distinct style for the pages. Be sure to use the one-inch margins, as clean Times New Roman font in size 12. You should also double check the running header and page number rules so you always have those done properly. You should also be sure you keep the section headlines, indentations, and other small details in line. Any mistakes can cost you big points on your grade.

Write an abstract. Many students who work in APA style forget the abstract. This is the short 150-200 word summary of the research paper. If you write in MLA, you will not have to write an abstract. Students who are new to APA style often forget this important part that lets readers know if they should continue or move on to a new paper.