Buying a case study: how much will it cost?

The only way to know how much it will cost to get a case study written for you is to compare costs of companies that offer this service. You can compare your findings to get an idea how much you may pay for a case study. Prices vary depending on the company, their services and their experience. You may pay a rate per page or a set rate for the entire project. In many cases it may cost a few bucks per page or you may pay an hourly rate depending on the writer. There are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing costs of a case study writing service.

What Does the Cost of the Service Include?

Writing a case study takes time and patience, but you are also paying for good quality content. You should have a good idea what the cost of the service includes. Are you eligible for free services or money back if you are unhappy with the final result? Consider the deadline of your case study content/ If you need it quickly you should review whether you need to pay an additional cost to have it rushed or completed in an urgent manner.

Ask About the Cost If It Is Not Stated

Writing companies that offer custom written case study papers may have their price for services stated right on the page. But, for some reason if the company doesn’t provide a price list for their services, you should contact them and ask about what the cost of the service includes. Many companies may offer a discount to new customers or those who may need more than one paper written. Pay attention to any discounts, sales or promotions you can ask about.

Other Details to Consider in Understanding Price Points

Experienced companies may offer higher rates which should be justified with good quality content and fast turnaround. Try to give your writing service a good amount of time to complete your request. This leaves time for them to make changes you may request to your content to ensure it is what you need. Does the company offer a policy that includes refunds or discounts for unsatisfied customers? Other services to consider for your case study may include editing, proofreading and formatting. The cost of your content should be a price you are willing to pay and not just because it is cheap.