How to Write a Term Paper Outline That Will Stand Out

When getting ready to write your paper, it is best to build a strong outline. That outline could help you to get an award-winning place in a writing contest. The best way to do this is to break the outline jobs and parts into segments. If you have small jobs, then you will not feel so very overwhelmed with the job.


Write your thesis and have two to five strong main points. Then either in a real folder or an online folder make sections for each main idea and the conclusion and the introduction.

Use a Topic Outline

Create an outline with a section for each main idea including the introduction and the conclusion. If you have three main ideas, then your outline will have a total of five parts.


As you gather research, work in each section until it is complete. As you find stories, quotes, data, interviews, case studies, and statistic about the main idea, place that source (virtually or in real time) into the folder you made for the outline. Put the sources in the right section of the folder. Then add the information to the outline. Begin this process with the introduction and work your way down the outline.


Start the process of making your award-winning outline with your introduction. On your outline have your thesis statement, background on your subject, and a hook (attention getter). All of these items should be found in your folder if you did your research job correctly.

Main Points

Move through the main points on the outline in the same way that you completed your introduction. If the outline is thin in a particular section, merely go back and research some more. Make sure you put the research in the correct folder.


You will handle the conclusion much like you did the introduction. There will be less in your folder for this section. It includes a restatement of the thesis and a general statement wrap-up. You should not be introducing new material in the conclusion.

If you tackle your outline in sections, and use the folder for organization, you will find that you are winning awards for your writing all over the place. Your outlines will be well written and presented. When you make the jobs smaller, the entire task is not so daunting for you to complete.