Composing Research Paper Using MLA Format: Basic Requirements and Suggestions

MLA is a writing style used mostly for academic and research work. There are many writing styles such as APA, Harvard and Chicago which basically ensure that the work done has a similarity. They ensure that the academic paper follows a particular template so that it can be easier to read and edit. Therefore, before you write any paper, you need to make sure that you follow a particular template.

You need to create a good quality research and create a definite plan to follow during the writing process. This is a common problem many people tend to ignore. They don’t take time to do a tangible research and create a plan before they write such a report. When you take time to plan, you are at a good position to gather all the needed information and arrange it in a systematic manner. An outline is very important as it acts as a guide to make work easy. By taking time to plan, you should also find a quality topic which interests you. This is a topic that you have passion about and one which you already predict the outcome before its even done. It should be a topic that you really love and one that motivates you to work hard.

The topics below will help guide you find out new topics that you can use in your report. These topics have been well researched and identified to act as guidelines in your topic selection. Remember that selecting a topic is the most daunting task in any report writing. Once you have a topic, other things start to flow seamlessly.

  • Write about pollution in cities, what causes it and what needs to be done to reduce it
  • Healthcare is very important and you can decide to write on it and what should be done
  • Write an in-depth study on the pros and cons of having a challenging but successful career
  • Write a solid analysis on fitness and what the best methods of maintaining a healthy life are
  • Corruption- you can write on the main causes of corruption and recommend key steps to curb it
  • Personal finance- you can tailor your report on understanding the spending habits of people
  • Child care- Write a solid report on the effects of good and bad upbringing of children to the child and the entire society
  • Media- There are many topics you can write about the media. For instance, you can write on the current standards of media
  • Career- In terms of career, you can write on whether an individual gains more by staying in one company or by changing companies
  • Economy- On economy, you can write on taxation and how mechanisms that needs to be put in place to accelerate the economic growth.