Term Paper Help: Refining Your Thesis Statement

Writing a term paper is not a natural act. In fact, it is one of the academic activities that most people have a lot of high anxiety about writing. The reason for the anxiety is that the process is very long and daunting. There seem to be a lot of potential for possible mistakes. It can come in the thesis statement or in the way the sources are referenced. The key to maintaining a consistency throughout the process of writing the term paper the thesis has to be your guide. This means that as new information comes to light the statement needs to be continually revised to reflect the latest information that is available from your research. The process of refining your thesis statement will never really be done until your final draft is completed.

Creating a good Thesis

To begin with a student is going to have to create an initial working thesis. This is going to guide all of the research that is completed, and the conclusions that are drawn from it. The first thing you need to do is choose a topic. The best way to go about this is to pick something that you are already passionate about because that passion will inspire you to do a better job on your research and keep you motivated to complete the paper and all the work that comes with it. Make a short list of the topics that you find interesting.

Everyone has some sort of interest in each and every subject they ever study. Once your list is created, then look at each topic and wrier a preliminary thesis statement. This isn’t permanent, but it gives a potential direction for your paper to go if you wanted to write it. Make three of these and place them side by side. As you read through them, pick the one that interests you the most or seems to provide the best research possibilities. If you need help deciding include your teacher or professor. The more they are involved in the process the better grade you are going to get.

Continually revise

Using an outline, then you should begin the research process. The thesis is at the top of the outline and each fact that is relevant that you collect, should also go on the outline. If there is a need to cite something, the citation should be placed there as well. As new facts are unearthed and discovered, the thesis can be adjusted to fit the information. The thesis should be continually adjusted throughout the process until the outline is complete, then you should have a thesis that is representative of the research you have performed.