How To Compose An Eye-Catching Research Paper Title Page: Effective Tips

A research paper is no easy job, and you should know this very well. Even if you have a great topic it doesn’t mean that you will not have to study for weeks. Most of the students start working on this a few months before the deadline, and this is what you should do also. On the other hand, there are many additional elements that you can’t forget, because your professor will analyze them carefully. As you know almost every paper requires a title page. It needs to be catchy so anyone will be interested to read the composition itself. Here is how to make it attractive to others:

  • The title. This is the main element that will attract readers if you know how to use it well. First of all, the title needs to be suggestive for the research paper that you wrote. Stay away from any funny expression, or words in other language. People will not understand complicated terms either. Keep it simple, but smart, and try to make it as memorable as possible so it will stick in their mind.

  • The font. I am sure you know how difficult it is to read a text that is written in the wrong font. The letters are too small or too big, you used the wrong colors and a very fancy writing style. While this could be fun in another situation, in this particular one it will make you only look unprofessional. What you have to do is to use a small, classic font for everything and to use bigger letters only for the title. This is what will pop-out first, and people will know what to expect.

  • Write down all the necessary details. And by this, I mean the name of the course, your name, the name of the teacher and the date. These small things can make the difference between a bad title page and a good one. Make sure that you do not write anything that does not belong there. The only acceptable thing is a very short quote that is highly relevant to the subject of your research paper.

  • Change the color of the page. Of course, you can not use bright blue or green. To make it seem classy and sophisticated, you can make the page pale pink or a pastel, light color.