List Of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics For Class 8

The descriptive essay assignment is one of the simplest to compose for any grade level and is the ideal chance for class 8 students to show their writing aptitude as they compose this task. Here are a list of interesting topics to choose from if this assignment is given to you in your studies.

  1. Describe a dream that you had either positive or negative
  2. Describe a memory from your childhood that is special to you
  3. Describe your favorite place in the whole world
  4. Take a ride on a train and describe the entire experience
  5. Describe your family pet and their characteristics
  6. Write about a favorite vacation that you took with family or friends
  7. Describe what your idea of an ideal date would be and what you would do
  8. Talk about your favorite spot to go fishing and why it is ideal
  9. Describe your favorite photograph
  10. Pick a famous painting and describe the details
  11. Describe a room in your home
  12. Create a visual picture of your bedroom
  13. Describe your favorite restaurant and what type of food you enjoy eating there
  14. Write about your least favorite person in the world and why they are your least favorite
  15. Describe your favorite teacher and their characteristics
  16. Describe the most embarrassing moment that you have ever experienced
  17. Write about your favorite sport or game that you enjoy playing
  18. Describe a road trip that your family have taken together
  19. Describe shopping in your favorite store or mall
  20. Tell the story of the worst day in your life
  21. Talk about the most happy or rewarding experience in your life
  22. Describe the experience of running in a race or marathon
  23. Write about making a speech in front of an auditorium full of your classmates
  24. Describe your favorite actor or actress
  25. Talk about your favorite movie
  26. Describe the experience of the first snowfall of the season
  27. Describe going grocery shopping
  28. Tell about visiting a local haunted house
  29. Describe a walk through the park
  30. Tell about a camping trip and where you stayed

No matter which topic you choose to write a descriptive essay on each one will give you the inspiration for your work and help you to describe your experiences.