Doing a Research Paper – Don’t Use Slang Words

There are a number of things that you should consider when doing a research paper: don’t use slang words is one of the most important rules that you can follow. If you aren’t sure what would be considered a slang word, then read on and we can help you determine how you should be doing a research paper: don’t use slang words. Slang, in short, is using words that aren’t in the common vernacular of English. Slang words should never, in any circumstance, use slang words in a research paper. Slang terms are shortened terms that are used by a certain culture, group of people, or they were developed out of laziness. Many of these terms have been adopted into spoken vernacular, but you should never use them when you are writing.

Here are some guidelines that can help you determine some of the words that you should be avoiding when doing a research paper: don’t use slang words. This list is not inclusive in any way; there are literally thousands of words that are considered to be slang, whether they are slang words from around the world or they are concentrated in a certain region or area.

- Some contractions; ain’t is the most prominent one, but it is better form to use the full words (cannot instead of can’t, do not instead of don’t).

- Alternative words for bodily functions (poo, poop, hurl) and words that are related to them (crappy)

- Alternative words for particular people groups, unless you are specifically talking about that group as described in a study (punks, nerds, geeks).

- Adjectives such as awesome, cool, etc.

Another type of slang that you should be avoiding is the type of slang that you use online. So that means that you should not be using abbreviations and language that you would use when you were talking to your friends on social media or via text message. So that means you can’t use “lol” or “jk” or any of the other phrases that you would use with friends.

If you aren’t sure whether or not a term is considered to be slang, talk to your instructor or utilize a proofreading or writing service that can help you determine what words you should and should not be using. Online writing services can help you make the best word choices for your research paper, so that you get through the process with a good grade.