Breast cancer research papers – Finding relevant sources?

A popular topic in both the scientific world and the social atmosphere is breast cancer. Breast cancer affects the lives of many women throughout the globe and the effects of the disease also impact the important people in these women’s lives. Because of this global impact we are constantly bombarded with 5ks, benefits, and charity events for women with breast cancer. News of these events come through social media like Twitter and Facebook as well as through traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and news report shows. The topic of breast cancer is a very interesting thing to write about right now and writing a research paper on it can be confusing. Writing a research paper on breast cancer will mean that you will need to narrow your topic so that you will be able to find relevant sources.

What are some ideas for topics?

  • How breast cancer affects middle aged women.
  • Breast cancer research in the last two years.
  • Particular doctors who have made notable strides in research
  • The culture of breast cancer charity events
  • How money is raised for breast cancer research

Each of these topics is much more specific than just saying that you are going to write a research paper on breast cancer as a whole. If you were to try to just write a research paper on breast cancer it would be almost impossible.

Searching for “breast cancer” on Google will yield billions upon billions of results and you will be overloaded with information. If you see something that catches your eye, you should go with it and then try to find other similar sources, articles, or real life stories about the same topic.

Choosing to search for something like “breast cancer rates by state” might help you to narrow the results so that you can more easily process the information. Searching for something with more keywords will give you more relevant search results and, therefore, more relevant sources for your research.

If you find sources which pertain specifically to your topic and to what appeals to you then it will be easier to assimilate the information into your paper. A great source for a topic like breast cancer might be speaking with a survivor or attending one of the many 5k walks or runs which raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. This will give you experiential knowledge and this type of information is always much better than just reading someone else’s opinion or views.