12 Interesting Ideas For College-Level Term Paper Topics

Writing a great college-level term paper often comes down to choosing a great topic that challenges you, interests you, and presents a valuable addition to the overall discussion within the subject. Not every student has an easy time selecting a good topic, so we’ve come up with a list of 12 to inspire some original ideas of your own or to use straight up:

  1. An increasingly hot topic is whether or not college athletes should be paid. Especially when one considers that colleges make profits on the success of a student athlete at their school.
  2. Do you think the No Child Left Behind initiative is working? What alternatives do you think would work better?
  3. Do you believe that statutory rape laws are fair? For instance a 17 year old boy having consensual sex with a 16 year old girl will face criminal charges while the girl will be seen as a victim. Why is this so?
  4. Do you believe that sponsorship deals should be allowed to high school athletes, where the companies either pay or provide free equipment?
  5. Do you think that banning certain types of ads – for instance, prescription meds, alcohol, and cigarette ads – for the better interest of the public’s health?
  6. Do you think that global warning and climate change is exaggerated in any way? Will the majority of the world ever agree that something could be happening to our environment?
  7. Do you believe that parents have the right to censor books, art, or literature in schools or does this responsibility fall on the educators and administrators?
  8. Should schools incorporate new forms of assessing a student’s education? For instance, many feel that exams are out of date in that they only measure a student’s ability to take tests and not their knowledge.
  9. Do you think that school children could learn more if they attended single-sex institutions? What evidence supports or contradicts this argument?
  10. Some states in the U.S. have a law that punishes cheating spouses. Is it really an enforceable law or should states not prosecute cheating spouses?
  11. Do you believe that juveniles who have committed a violent crime should be tried as adults? Should punishments be stricter?
  12. Do you believe that the laws that keep sex offenders from living and working in certain places fair? What other alternatives exist that could keep communities safe but not violate anyone’s rights?