Where To Look For Free Term Papers: Useful Advice

When looking for a free term paper, the most useful advice is to not get caught using it. Any web search can help you find dozens of free term papers on virtually any subject. But if you are finding them, chances are plenty of other students are too. No matter how busy you are, no amount of time saved by using a free paper will make it worth it if you get caught and get a zero on the assignment, or worse get expelled.

Finding a paper

There are two basic strategies for finding a free term paper: finding one from a website or online service, or finding one from an individual. A web search will uncover dozens of websites where you can access free term papers. When using these sites, make sure the paper is relevant to the class you are looking to submit it in, and be sure to read through it to make sure that it makes sense and is well written. Many paper writing sites use non-native English speakers, sometimes resulting in awkward wording or syntax that can be a dead giveaway to teachers. You can also use social websites such as Reddit to access papers that were written by individuals, from all over the country and world, who don’t mind sharing them. This can be a great way to find free paper that your teacher hasn’t already seen.

Making it your own

Regardless of where you are getting a free paper, make sure to make it your own. This can mean changing:

  • Wording throughout the paper: if it includes lots of words that you wouldn’t normally use in your own writing, change most of them to make it seems more like you wrote it.
  • The order of paragraphs: When it makes sense to, you can change paragraph order to make your paper more distinct
  • Add your own examples: If you can think of an example for a point that the paper is making, particularly one that is specific to your town, your school, or a discussion that happened in your class, add it to personalize your paper.

By making changes to make the paper your own, it will seem more plausible to your teacher that you wrote it, and be less likely to send up any red flags for plagiarism.