Top-Notch Argumentative Research Paper Ideas For Your Topic

The best top-notch argumentative research paper topics are ones that are creative or ones that you have made up yourself.  If that sounds hard, it’s not, first you want to take a topic that you want to do for your research paper.  Take that topic and start your research and find out more about it.  Once you have that information, you can find out a creative way to create your topic.  You can go funny, sarcastic, or choose a topic that has the reader gets excited about finding the answer.  Here are some ideas on how to create a top-notch argumentative research paper topic.

Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas

  • How can you tell if a politician is actually telling the truth?  There are so many ways you can tell if someone is telling the truth and you can pick a politician as your subject and study their gestures, body language, and other signs that tell if they are telling the truth.  You can also include a video of this politician to use as a reference to your paper.
  • Is there a way to get things done in Washington?  Looking at how things work in Washington and then coming up with your own plan to get things done more efficiently could be fun.  This will have the reader thinking and opens up your paper to a friendly debate with other classmates.
  • Is there a reason why every girl wants to be a cheerleader?  One mother in Texas actually tried to kill someone so her daughter on the team but why is cheerleading a big dream for most girls.  Is it for the attention, the cool outfit, or is for the sport?
  • Are all organic foods really organic or is it a way to get people to pay more money for there food?  Not too many people know how organic food is made but what if the food that you thought was organic is actually made like other products that you pay less for.  I know first had that mushrooms that are marked organic are the same ones in the other packages but are there other foods like this?
  • What girls/guys wish they knew about the opposite sex?  As a girl or a guy we want to know more about the opposite sex, you can do research or even interview people to see what each sex wants to know about each other.