How To Come Up With A Good Argumentative Research Paper Topic

When asked about what their most favorite type of essay is, most students often choose the argumentative. Not only is it because of the one track type of topic, but also due to the personal connection that argumentative essays are some of the best essays to be writing. This is also the reason most students opt to work in argumentative research papers rather than exploratory or factorial ones. It is natural, however, to get stumped on the first step: choosing the perfect topic. Here are some tips:

How to come up with a good argumentative research paper topic

  • Go personal: Choose a topic that you are personally connected to or feel strong about. This way, your passion for the topic will reflect in the way you approach your writing: your reviews will be deep and lengthy, and your observations on test subjects keen and intuitive. Additionally, this does not mean that you absolutely must choose a topic like animal cruelty or women trafficking. Even if your study relates to the immediate area you live in, you may come up with a good argumentative research paper topic on authentic issues, like water problems and school establishments, if you really care about the people around you.
  • Read the literature: Make reading studies in your field a daily exercise. You can even include it later on in the section Literature Review in your paper. The best research in the world is always inspired, with just the dab of creativity. Reading literature on the topic may clear your head, and inspire you to pursue a topic or a variation of it.
  • Online help: You can also enlist the help of numerous websites online that update their databases regularly. Most of these should be free: however, some might require you to sign up to access blog posts and other related tools. Furthermore, some of the websites online may also have excellent examples of argumentative research papers, which may be instrumental in helping you.
  • Consult your associates: Friends, peers and mentors are often the best sources to help you come up good argumentative research paper topics. The reason behind this is the fact that every mind is a database of its own, containing myriads of variations of the same topic. Thus, asking your friends may not only help you come up with a good topic, but also tell you how to approach it in an innovative manner.