How To Write An Academic Essay: Mastering Your Written Language

Academia can be intimidating as a writer, particularly one given to flowery prose and infrequent fact checking. It can also be difficult for people who have previously not considered themselves to be writers or fans of reading and writing in general. Few people begin writing academically at a master level so if your first attempts lack a clear style or a point don’t take it to heart. You will learn and you will improve. Here are a few tips that can help you to achieve this:

  1. Read up on your field
    Other people at some point in the vast history of the planet have tried and succeeded at writing in the field you have decided to explore. Look them up. There are lessons to be learned that their experiences can teach you. Their mistakes don’t have to be yours and you’ll be better prepared to avoid such mistakes by observing how they have happened. Take a page from their book (figuratively) when you see something impressive.
  2. Take good notes in your class
    You may possess a tournament winning memory in which case this suggestion is ludicrous to you. To everyone else who happens to stumble upon this article, pay attention. It will not be enough for you to have paid attention in class because as soon as class is over something more interesting will bump everything you heard out of your short term memory. Your notes can help you refresh all that you learned at a later date so that your papers have actual substance because any professor worth his salt can tell a sentence that is full of filler from one that is essential to the integrity of your work. All of your sentences should be essential in academic writing.
  3. Get some STYLE
    Sure, you can be a decent academic writer without wowing your readers but when has anyone ever aimed to be decent, or adequate or good enough? If that is your aim feel free to stop now. For those of you who have continued reading, your journey to academic writing that is both interesting and informative has already begun. Everyone possesses a style, it’s just that some styles need a bit more refinement. Ask other what the best features of your current works are and pull them to the fore in future writing.

Academic essays will be a breeze!