3 Term Paper Writing Secrets

Your term paper will make or break your overall grade for the semester and it could actually bring your grade down or up depending on how well you performed in class. For example, if you are taking an English literature class and you have made all Bs so far, a C on the term paper could lower your grade for the class at the end of the semester. Before you write the term paper you should write a list of possible topics that relate to the lessons you learned in class.

Possible Topics and Tips on Business Research Paper

When writing a business-based term paper, you want to brainstorm on relevant business topics. Some good topic ideas include the impact of corporate fraud on consumers, history of the Federal Reserve and America's taxation system, China's increasing economic power in the world and relationship between nonprofit organizations and the community at large. Watch the local and national news to get ideas for a business term paper and also refer to your textbook.

Writing a Graduate Level Term Paper

When you are pursuing a graduate degree, you would write a term paper in a way that is different from undergraduate and high school papers. Instead of choosing a research topic that you enjoy writing about or that is based solely on current events, you should choose a topic that is not only enjoyable but that builds on the scholarly work that has been written already. This keeps you from writing on a topic that is overused by a lot of students. In other words, you are looking for a unique angle to your topic. While reading the current research on your topic, look for flaws in certain researchers' claims, methodology and conclusions. Then devise a thesis statement based on your topic and proceed with the paper.

Answer Questions Professors Want You To Answer In Research Paper

If your professor wants certain questions answered in the term paper, make sure every question is answered and do not veer off those questions when typing because you'll be graded based on how well you answered them in the paper. For example, if the professor asks you to discuss how African American women's rights were not considered very important within the modern feminist movement in the 60s, talk about it in the paper.

Typing a well-researched term paper takes time and effort so it is important that you start gathering material as soon as you receive the assignment. You should also double check all sources used and include a works cited page.