The Key to Coming Up with Original Research Paper Topics

Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with some really original ideas for topics this is made even harder when you are pressurized to come up with research paper topics.

You could just look around at some of the topics lists that your tutor may have distributed, or you could spend a vast amount of valuable time, paper and sharpened pencils trying to come up with something innovative, novel and unique.

Some ideas sound really good at the time, but when you start to delve into the topic you may find that you do not have enough background to write the paper or you may be overwhelmed by the amount of background information is available. Either way it is going to be difficult especially if you lose motivation and inspiration.

If you look online you will find that there are several websites that have lists of research paper topic ideas. These lists will be several pages long, so unless you have several reams of paper, and an unlimited supply of printer ink don’t download the list. The lists are usually arranged by subject areas, so you will be able to focus on your area.

Once you have targeted the list for your subject, start scrolling through the list. As you scroll pick out areas that interest you and may possibly be a topic that you may choose. Make a note of the topics. Try to keep your list to a maximum of 30. This does seem a lot but you now have to whittle the list down.

Out of your maximum of 30, cut your list by half. This may be easier than you think. The topics that you originally thought may be a good idea but on second reading may not seem a good idea or not really practical for several reasons that may include:

  • You haven’t done any work in that area yet and would need to start from scratch.
  • Looks a good topic but someone else you know is tackling this issue.
  • It does not seem as exciting as it did initially.

Great, you now have a maximum of 15 titles. This is where you get ruthless. Out of the ones that are left, cross out the ones that you really cannot see yourself writing about. You now need a maximum of 5. With the 5 you have left spend 10 minutes brainstorming each topic. Out of these there is going to be one topic that emerges that you already have some knowledge of and you know what you need to research to make a good paper that is original, motivates and challenges you.