How to write an argumentative research paper when you lack time

An argumentative research paper is much the same as any other paper in that your goal is to make an argument that presents your side and convinces the reader why your side is the most appropriate side in the debate. You can pick a fun topic that interests you and write about both sides to the controversy while including strong evidence as to why a reader would be better off selecting your side. Your goal is to leave the reader with a strong argument that they cannot refute. With so many topic choices out there it is important that you take time to review any potential topics and find one that best fits your project. Look over the list below to see if anything stands out:

  • Are children today given too many trophies?
  • Is there a point where money can buy happiness?
  • What psychological effect does buying/accumulating more material items have?
  • Is there a negative effect to complaining too much?
  • Is hard work or talent more important than the other?
  • Should newspapers refrain from publishing photos on the front page of a convict preparing to die?
  • When there is trouble in public do bystanders have a responsibility to get involved?

After you pick your topic and complete the writing portion you need to ensure it looks good. Appearance:

Remember that no matter what type of essay you are writing, looks matter. Do not hand in a poor looking piece of paper printed on reused paper with red and blue ink because you ran out of black.

  • Include a cover sheet. Give your piece of work, no matter what it is, a cover page complete with the title of the paper, your course name, your name, and your educational institution. This should remain plain and precise.
  • Avoid fancy print or special colors.
  • Number all of the pages in the top right corner. Don't do this on the first page and start with “page 2” on the second page.
  • Double space all of your text and leave a one inch margin on all sides.
  • Use standard size 12 font in either Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Place a reference sheet or bibliography at the end with your sources.
  • Staple all of your pages together in lieu of a bulky cover or special binding (unless required).